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several pieces of paper with string attached to them on a wooden table next to scissors and thread
Marshmallow and Toothpick Geometry Cards
marshmallow and toothpick geometry. Downloadable cards. Helps kids learn their 3-D shapes!
there are pictures of scissors and other things on the table with words supertato
Early Years ideas from Tishylishy
Supertato maths activity. Each key has numicon pieces. Count up and match to the character to untangle and unlock
the superhero graphing game is ready to be played with children and adults alike as well
Superhero Graphing Set Free Printable
This superhero graphing free printable is a fun way to learn about graphs. You can also use this simple graph to work on counting, greater than/less than, and probability. You'll have a math superhero in no time!
a poster that has been made to look like a woman's face and numbers on it
What a great anchor chart for ANY grade level! Use it for basic math facts or higher level algebra. It'd also be great at the beginning of the school year to intrigue students to solve math problems to learn about the teacher or one another.
a worksheet with numbers and times to be written in the form of a sheet
Number Patterns – Number Series – One Worksheet / FREE Printable Worksheets
first grade math | first grade math worksheets - could use model for smartboard
the words free printables and games that use counting bears
Free Counting Bears Worksheets & Printable Activities
FREE Printables and Games that Use Counting Bears
Making playdough snakes to learn about length Activities For Kids, Play Based Learning, Fun Math, Playdough Activities, Math Games, Eyfs Activities
Length, Measurement and Patterning with Playdough Snakes.
Making playdough snakes to learn about length
a poster with different patterns for children to learn how to make them look like they're
A visual anchor poster all about pattern. The poster displays the different…
Pattern making with Numicon Maths Resources, Pattern Activities, Math Tables, Math For Kids, Pre-school Maths, Math Work
Pattern making with Numicon
two children are playing with numbers and a helmet on the floor in front of them
Beebot and math. A clear piece of plastic marked into the appropriate squares…
some dices and numbers on a wooden table
Decomposing numbers with dominoes - start with a number in a circle and have students place the dominoes that add up to that number