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a small house in the woods with flowers around it and a table on the ground
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there is a painting on the wall with a mirror hanging from it's side
a black refrigerator with gold trim and pictures on the door, next to a wicker basket
DIY Vintage Refrigerator Magnets
DIY Vintage Refrigerator Magnets - Welch House 1900
a chair and table in a room with pictures on the wall above it, along with other furniture
Turquoise Blue Paint Colors - Eclectic - den/library/office - Benjamin Moore Dolphins Cove - Lonny Magazine
a lamp that is sitting on top of a table next to a skull and eye
Spine Lamp
an image of a mirror with plants in it on the wall and another photo behind it
The Living Wall:
the letter b is surrounded by flowers and greenery in front of a wooden frame
Incredible DIY Farmhouse Theme Decoration
an ornately decorated chair sits in front of curtains