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a close up of a stuffed animal with needles in it's ear and nose
How to Sew Eyes to a Knitted Toy
One of the most asked questions is how to attach eyes to a knitted toy. This little visual guide is here to help. Finishing a knitted toy off is probably the most important part of making toys as...
Isn't it genius?
a gray knitted sweater with flowers and bows on it's side, sitting on a table
Girl's Sweater with Cat Face and Cat Keyhole Scarf (K)
a pair of scissors next to yarn and knitting needles on a wooden table with text overlay reading 10 smart knitting tips for near results
10 knitting tips for beginners that will instantly make you a better knitter
two knitted hearts with the words mini heart free knitting pattern
10+ Mini Heart Free Knitting Pattern and Paid
a cartoon character sitting on top of a bench with the words i just hugged you in my
I just hugged you in my thoughts. I hope you felt it
the instructions for how to remove garter checkerboard from a crocheted dishcloth
How to Remove Purl Dash Lines in Knitting with Studio Knit