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Gaster? You ok there, bud?

the-ut-trashlords: “ i feel like someone made this already i am certain someone made this already im sorry to whoever i unconsciously stole the idea from because i thought i came up with it first but i probably saw it somewhere and thats where i got.

undertale, freshtale

undertale, freshtale Underfresh sans is my literal favorite.


So i guess a small flower patch does break a 50 foot drop. Who knew?

Gaster Blaster

Gaster Blaster by TheMeekWarrior<< I'm horrible at drawing Gaster Blasters so I might just use this as a reference later.

Underfell Sans

Underfell Sans<<This is literally me when I am allowed to devour mustard

#wattpad #fanfic 《la felicidad se encuentra con la persona correcta 》Mi soledad Es mala,Solo contigo veo la luz *Tu tienes la respuesta* ♥*After!sans y Errór!sans × Lectora*♥

bladedee: “ meh Gif Please don’t repost anywhere, there’s no watermark here ;

Sans - gif

hyperchronic: “ rosuroid: “ ““let’s get to the point” ” imagine san’s monologue but wITH DRAMATIC WIND BLOWING. I had to animate it. sorry for the low resolution, I had to lower it in order to meet.

Oh my gosh Grillby

and of course my first thought is "hot kool-aid" - or litterally, "Grillby, your bear is on fire". So many puns, where do I start?

Heats Flamesman, Fuku Fire, and Grillby

Undertale, Grillby, Fuku Fire, Heats Flamesman>> I'm sorry but this has to be said, Grillby has a nice ass>> True dat