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two texts that are being shared to each other on the same page, one has an email
Cuz y'all be playing like i ain't falling for it
there are three pictures showing different types of shoes and their price tags on the bottom
Proof That It's Not Really Love Until You Start Pranking Each Other
14 of the Best Pranks Couples Have Pulled On Each Other
someone is holding up a letter that says, so this arrived in the mail today
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
a computer screen with green text on it
40 People You Wish You Knew In Real Life
The person behind “Cat Facts”:
a bag of doughnuts with sprinkles on them sitting in front of a blue brick wall
Doughnut Seeds
Donut Seeds: Small Labels. The 2nd Graders TOTALLY fell for this. First I showed them a video on YouTube (teen plants donut seeds). Then I told them I bought them some. They were so excited!