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a clock made out of old suitcases and other items on a black background,
Cabinet de curiosités - Page 2
Cabinet de curiosités - Page 2
an old piece of cloth and keys are on the floor next to a wall that has been torn apart
Early Morning Thoughts
an old book with ribbon tied around it and some other items on top of it
altered book
love this altered book
a painting of a building with a cat on the roof and a full moon above it
altered book houses / kamieniczki
an old, rusty looking machine sitting on top of a table
blacklung: Photo
Books should be like this! Don't you just want to unravel it and examine the contents
an old book with many different things on it and a pen next to it, sitting on a table
"Carnet-livre de curiosités I", création J.Cavailles…
an open book with many different things inside
A Paper Bear Art Journal Tumblr
Steve McPherson not really a cabinet, but in spirit
an altered book with lots of different things on the front and back cover, including keys
Fun With Kraft Reflections, Prizes & New Craft Challenge! - Graphic 45®
alice altered book - graphic 45 Tengo que hacer esto! necesito hacer algo parecido!!
an old piece of cloth with some pink and black strips on it, sitting on a wooden stick
Early Morning Thoughts
an old book with a key attached to the front cover and rope wrapped around it
Chronicle - artist folio. Faux leather effect created using my Vintage Beeswax Baked Texture from Emerald Creek
a stack of old books with pictures on them
с помощью Красный бархат визуальных Антологии
an open book with lots of papers on top of it and some scissors in the middle
Journaling Tuck Spots and Pockets
Journaling Tuck Spots and Pockets. #junkjournaling
a stack of logs sitting on top of an open book with red string attached to it
an open brown case with green straps on the front and back sides, sitting on a white surface
You'll Never Believe What She Used For These Handmade Books - Cloth Paper Scissors