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a hand is pointing at a bird in a cage that has mesh netting on it
Paint chicken coop wire black & it disappears
a chicken coop in the middle of a yard
Testimonials - Jim Murphy & Associates
I like this chicken coop layout, only the run should be bigger.
some eggs are laying in hay next to a sign that says chicken inn on it
The Chick Inn A Handmade Charming Wood Sign for your Chicken Coop, Urban Garden, Homestead, Barn, Cottage, Backyard, or Rustic Interior. 13x
some food is cooling on a rack in the kitchen and another photo shows it being made
DIY Homemade Flock Blocks For Chickens - One Hundred Dollars a Month
homemade flock blocks for chickens
the inside of a wooden storage shed with shelves
inside chicken coop pictures | Members Area
several bags filled with various types of flowers and herbs sitting on top of each other
Fresh Eggs Daily Shop | Fresh Eggs Daily
BYE BYE BUGS! Keep your coop and nesting boxes rodent & insect-free ... NATURALLY..with Herbs for Hens! This wonderful blend of aromatic, organic herbs and edible flowers in your chicken coop nesting boxes has been carefully selected to act as a natural insect- and rodent-repellent, stress reliever and laying stimulant for your chickens. And your coop will smell wonderful! The aromatics and essential oils in herbs are proven to calm and relax both animals and humans, and also repel bugs ...
a baby chick sitting in the middle of green leaves with text overlay reading guide to raising baby chicks the first 6 weeks
Raising Baby Chicks Without A Hen: The First 6 Weeks
A thorough guide to raising baby chicks without a hen. Where to buy chicks, setting up a brooder box, feeding, watering, spatial needs, stimulation, and problems to look out for. Everything you need to know for the first 6 weeks.
an outhouse with the door open and shelves inside
Clark Farm Higganum CT
Coop Photo Galleries. The best thought out design I've seen yet!
a blue poster with information about chickens
Hobby Farms | Livestock, Gardening & Homesteading
When it comes to your chickens’ health, providing a safe, clean, predator-proof environment for your flock and making sure they have access to nutritious feed and fresh water go a long way. #chicken #backyardchicken
healthy chicken treats in plastic containers with the title make your own healthy chicken treats
Sunday Chicken Treats - Chickens are a Gateway Animal
1.6k4411If you’re anything like us, you long to move all your animals to a 100% organic diet featuring nutrient rich, non GMO ingredients but your budget has other ideas… This is the situation we’ve found ourselves in. Every time we go to the feed store I inspect the organic chicken feed but invariably we grab …
there are many different pictures of chickens together
6 Clever Chicken Dust Bath Ideas - The Owner-Builder Network
Dust Bath Ideas for Your Chickens! Many people new to raising chickens are not aware of this, but it is one of the most important things chooks should have for overall health. It is as important as food and water!
two chickens sitting on top of a wooden fence with the words wing clipping 101
How to Clip Chicken Wings and Keep Your Flock Safe
Do you have well behaved birds that stay behind their decorative fences? Do you have your birds enclosed like Fort Knox? Do you're birds have the luxury of wandering wherever they please? Today's post is for those of us that have naughty birds who are constantly trying to fly the coop... literally.
an image of chickens in the grass with green and white stripes on it's sides
First Few Days and Weeks with Baby Chicks
Keeping baby chickens and raising them from teeny tiny balls of fluff into charming chooks will be a rewarding experience for any chicken keeper. Here is a visual guide on what to prepare and do the first few days and weeks with your baby chickens. Read our article here for more in depth information, #loveyourchickens #babychickens #infographic
the cover of grow sprouts as treats for your chickens save money and feed them well
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Growing sprouts for your chickens is a great way to save money and give them a healthy treat!