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turns out this is an actual thing called kidcore so i feel valid and this is all with wholesome intent
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the colorful hearts are all over the white surface
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a pile of colorful plastic star shaped beads
there are many different colored plastic bottles in this pile
a heart shaped purple bag with lots of stickers on the front and back of it
there are many different colored beads in the bowl
there are many different colored stuffed animals on display
a poster with the words happy 90th birthday written in rainbow colors and stars on it
there are many different colored gummy bears
露店いろいろ@栗山まつり(栗山天満宮秋季大例祭): わくわく日記
the words happy are written in small letters on a colorful background with flowers and butterflies
Nostalgic, We Heart It
colorful bears and hearts on blue background
a pink wall covered in lots of different types of buttons