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a colorful sign with music makes the world colorful
Just finished my bulletin board! So excited to have it ready and can't wait for the kids.
a room filled with lots of musical instruments on display next to a red chair and table
Mobile Soprano Ukulele Classroom Storage Cart
Ukuleles may be small instruments, which makes them ideal for teaching music to youngsters. But, when you've got dozens of 'em on hand, they can easily clutter up your class. Well clutter no more, with the help of the Band Room™ Ukulele Storage Rack for music classrooms. This cart enables music teachers to store up to 30 soprano ukuleles in an attractive, mobile cart that makes the instruments quickly and easily accessible to your students. It's also available in an 18-capacity ...
two plastic containers filled with chocolates sitting on the floor next to a rack full of chocolate bars
All things UKULELE!
a display case with several rows of red and white chairs on it's sides
Two Rack Ukulele Storage Cart - Plans (v1.5)
This is a PDF file that includes the dimensions for a homemade ukulele cart for 30 instruments. Measurements have been marked on photographs taken of the finished product as well as a short walkthrough of steps taken to build it. Also added in version 1.3 ...
an info sheet showing the different types of musical instruments in each country and their names
14 términos musicales que te harán mejor pianista (infografía)
Music terminology in a very visually appealing poster.
several wooden bowls with letters and numbers on them sitting on a table next to crocheted doily
Small Town Music Lessons
Music Bowls Game! :)
an advertisement for vocal technique tips, with the words how do the vocal folds or vocal cords work?
The vocal cords
Pin-VTT-How do the vocal cords work
an info poster showing how to use the hand gesture for postures and movement skills
Piano Posture Infographic
an empty office with white and wood accents
Innovative #Design Options- Innovative #workspace designs come together quickly when hiring a crew with the right know-how to get the job done properly and with style.
the front desk of an office building with wood paneling on the walls and floor
Parra Vázquez Clínica Dental | AG INTERIORISMO
Parra Vázquez Clínica Dental Proyecto Integral de Interiorismo Guadix / Spain / 2015 00
two people are standing in front of a reception counter with lights hanging from the ceiling
your daily dose of inspiration
Studio M Hotel reception area in Singapore.
the reception desk is white and has a bright light on it's side wall
sliding doors behind office reception desk
Option on log down the line
the entrance to an office building with orange and white accents on the walls, along with a sign that says hello
Orange Business Service - Picture gallery 1
Orange Business Service Office - Picture gallery