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the 7 things marie kondo says to do every day free printable konnai checklist
7 Things Marie Kondo Says To Do Every Day | Free Printable Konmari Checklist
Easy things you can do EVERY DAY to keep your home tidy, inspired by Marie Kondo's Konmari method. Even if you haven't decluttered your home yet these tips will make your home feel more clean and organized. Includes a free printable Konmari checklist that fits Happy Planner and more! #declutter #konmari
the self care printable planner is shown with autumn leaves
Self-Care Printable Planner + Holiday Planner
Self care does not only increase your happiness, it also improves your mental health, helps you cope with stress and is greatly beneficial to your overall health and well-being. With the help of this self-care printable planner, you can now start taking better care of yourself every day, increase your self-love and self-worth, help you calm your anxious mind, improve your mental health and help you live a happier life! #mentalhealth #printableplanner #planners #happiness #howtobehappy #selflove
the words 40 + things to put in your planner to stay organized once and for all
Pin on Guide to Planners
Have you jumped on the cute planner bandwagon? Put your new planner to use with this huge list of over 40 things to keep track of in your planner!
a tablet computer sitting on top of a desk next to a cup of coffee and keyboard
Digital (or paper) planner
The Passion Pulse Planner - a tool for anyone in recovery working a 12-step program. It's one of the massive foundation stones in my recovery journey-a diary and gratitude journal. My "Passion Pulse". It feels like only yesterday that I was struggling to stay sober for a week--I remember those early days and it's only with hindsight I realise how amazing it is for anyone like me to stay sober one day at a time in the early days.
an info sheet with the instructions for how to use it in this self - care checklist
Start test
Learn how to improve well-being, fall asleep faster and stay calm. 😌 Try now!
Easy Bullet Journal Doodles, Bullet Journal Page Ideas, Journal Page Ideas, Bullet Journal Work, Happy Jar, Bullet Journal Page, To Do Planner
25+ Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas
the words how to create a vision board in your daily planner on top of toys
How To Create a Vision Board in Your Daily Planner
Challenging yourself and others for the potential that the future has. Getting others to believe in the vision and encouraging a team or group to take the steps necessary toward the vision.
a bowl full of pink flowers with the text free mental health printables
Free Mental Health Printables [Worksheets & PDFs]
My therapist wants me to learn new coping skill activities for my mental health. These free printable mental health worksheets are perfect to print out and work on. Mental health printables are hard to come by. #mentalhealth #freeprintables
the daily planner app is displayed on two ipads, one with an image of a heart
Digital Daily Planner
The Passion Pulse Planner is the daily plan and gratitude journal (with a few updates and ‘tweaks’) that I used when I was getting sober over 20 years ago. It’s been an integral part of my life for such a long time that I wanted to share it with others. It comes with a full set of separate instructions based on how I've used it to keep my own life in balance and to achieve my goals. I’m passionate about many things in life and I’m especially passionate about gratitude and staying sober.