More ideas from Libby
I love how much fun this is. It's things that are instantly recognisable and turned into something that you would never think of.

Recycling Fashion: Using M&Ms wrappers to make a crazzy outfit. Great for M&M lovers!

Wearable Art Dress made from old envelopes

This is one of those DIY things, but the idea is interesting. The dress is ugly, in my opinion, but the fact that she recognized that envelopes could be turned into a dress is curious. Maybe they are all her unpaid bills?

Vestido de papel

An amazing cupcake wrapper dress which is stunning and is making me have a slight crave for a cheeky cupcake or two. The pastel colour palette is beautiful and is so pretty to look at and reminds me of something a Disney princess would wear.

Paper Art - beautiful ballerina slippers made from paper; delicate paper shoes // Susan Cutts

Susan Cutts "Paper is said to have a memory, the creases, wrinkles and folds hold words unspoken or forgotten. In 'who knows where the time goes' the absence of the dancer gives the paper the power to evoke physical and emotional memories.