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Chitanda is almost Oreki Hotarou's soulmate, lol. Hyouka

Chitanda is almost Oreki Hotarou's soulmate, lol. I like to save my energy too! Come to me my soul mate! I love you so.

Anime : owari no seraph ----------------------------------------- whoa. i didnt even know this quote was from an anime xD (I had this quote saved with no images of an anime in the background)

Anime : owari no seraph it's true and others can plainly see it, or you lose a close friend because of this.

"Don't worry about me. I will be fine, just don't look into my eyes.." || Anime: Kyoukai No Kanata || © Karunase || karunase.tumblr.com

Non preoccuparti per me. Starò bene, basta che non mi guardi negli occhi

Make one special photo charms for your pets, 100% compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Idk Why but this is funny as helm

Which anime is this? Plz comment and tell me fellow otakus who understand!<<< Me (Nicole) searched for a while and found out that the name is The pet girl of sakurasou

(Anime: Chunnibyou) This is so true...you have a crush on someone and you convince yourself that they like you back, only to be humiliated/heartbroken when you realise it was just you all along...

(Anime: Chunnibyou) I'm never ever ever gonna fall for anyone.after all, whatever falls gets broken and once it's broken, it's gonna take a hell lot of time to put it back together

Anime charlotte

"I didn't lose a friend, I just realized I never had one." -Anime: Charlotte -Edited by Karunase -

For all anime fans who don't know what to watch next: here's my no-life-collection! feel free to add one!

For all anime fans who don't know what to watch next. An anime list. I think this anime list is actually longer than mine.