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a dragonfly made out of rocks sitting on the ground
a wheelbarrow filled with lots of plants and rocks
Raised and Enclosed Garden Bed
Here's another succulent garden idea (see the slide before this). Its a Wheelbarrow Succulent Fairy Garden made by Wholesale Fairy Gardens. Neat!
an image of a fairy house in the woods with trees and plants on it's side
Fairy Gardens Are Not For Me
an image of a fairy garden with lots of green plants and trees in it, including a
Fae Folk World: Let Your Imagination Take Flight!
four different pictures of food and plants in the same photo, each with their own image
the instructions for how to make a birdhouse out of wood and fake grass with rocks
fairy crafts and gardens
Create your own fairy garden ~
there is a pair of horseshoes on the table next to some other tools and hardware
DIY ~ Horseshoe Fairy Door
a tire hanging from a rope next to a tree
40 Magical DIY Fairy Garden Ideas
a wooden door with metal handles and knobs on the side of it, sitting on concrete
How to Make Fairy Garden Doors — Empress of Dirt
a tree house built into the side of a tree trunk with stairs leading up to it
30 Magical Fairy Gardens
a sign that says leave room in your garden for the fairies to dance
30 Magical Fairy Gardens