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Sweet potatoes with coconut, curry and mint

Sweet Potatoes with Coconut Curry and Mint

That's what I call a sweets platter! Is it weird I went in for the fruit first? So lush! (But of course I had some chocolate too) #bloggerduties #spoilt

Super Easy Bruschetta

Super Easy Bruschetta Recipe! This Bruschetta is perfect for holiday parties. So easy to make and tastes amazing.

Good idea! Could be made with gluten free bread, almond butter, bananas, cinnamon, and a tad of honey or maple syrup.

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

When you ditch bread, pasta, rice, refined cereals, sugary foods, preservatives and additives... everything changes. Remember, those so-called foods were NOT part of our diets thousands of years ago and not coincidentally, there were no incidents of heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and other conditions

Cucumber Bites (with Herb Cream Cheese Tomatoes)

"Delicious cucumber + tomato bites" Cucumber is one of those foods I don't even allow on my plate. Cucumber contaminates everything. Most unpleasant foods you can pick out, but not cucumber. It still tastes like cucumber after the offending offal is gone.