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some candy bars are sitting on top of each other with the words be a smartie for
Girls Camp Handouts
She's crafty: Girls Camp Handouts
a red flashlight keychain on top of a piece of paper with a blue ribbon around it
Keychain flashlight with scripture
two frog magnets sitting on top of a wooden table
a matchstick with the word jesus is the light of the world written on it
Agape Gift. Jesus Is The Light. Glow stick braclet with cardstock flag held in place with decorative brad.
three packages of krispies treat sitting on top of each other
The Good Samaritan
The Good Samaritan - TBC Children's Church
there are two pieces of colorful hair on the package and one has a sign that says he knows the hair's on your head
a piece of lego with the words god will never lego of you
a card with an image of a man laying on his back and the words be not afraid for the battle is not yours, but god's
an extra chewing bar sitting on top of a wooden table
extra special
a candy bar on top of a sign that says it's so sweet to trust in jesus
Agape. Sweet idea, fun colors!
a green bottle with a label that says don't let st patrick burst your bubble