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a tattoo with the words you remind me of the baby on it's stomach
the back of a woman's shoulder with an image of bubbles and stars on it
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101 Patches and Pins to Make Everything in Your Wardrobe Entirely Your Own
two pictures of people dancing together in a room
Intimate photos of David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly & more from the set of ‘Labyrinth’
a drawing of a child surrounded by stuffed animals with a quote written on the back
Labyrinth comic to reveal origins of the Goblin King — exclusive first look
an illustration of a woman in a white dress surrounded by skulls and other creepy people
Illustration and Design
Illustration and Design
an article about the movie's characters and their roles, including two women with long hair
Labyrinth Fun Facts. (kinda know most of these already)
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two people are hugging each other while sitting on a bench with an angel behind them
Comics, Comic Strips, Summary
a page with an image of a woman's face and the caption below it
All of this !!!!!
an image of many cartoon characters in the air