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im lucky if i dont ever have a bruise anywhere!

I'm sure I'll have some bruise and wake up and start poking to see how much it hurts

Motivational Sports Quote

I'm literally tearing up right now. If you can play what you love to play, please don't take it for granted. I got hurt a couple years back and now I can't play soccer anymore and it breaks my heart. I would do anything to get back on the field

So true

I agree, as goalie I know that when they call a penalty kick you get a rush of butterflies in your stomach

One of the worst feelings! Absolutely horrible! Especially when it effects you when you finally can play:(

One of the worst feelings! Especially when it's mid game and the worst play that always sits on the bench is the one to take your place so they always miss each and every play and it just kills you on the inside