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the leaves are covered with water droplets
island of silence
island of silence — forest-euphoria: Emerald by CrazyUrfa - Hunter Green
the night sky with stars and milky in the distance over a body of water near a tree
FOLK ⚓️ auf Instagram: „Photo by @ole.henrik.skjelstad #explore
Yumbilla Hike In Chachapoyas, Peru
North Peru has tons of amazing hidden gems & the Yumbilla hike is on top of that list. Check out our travel guide with all the best things to see and do in Chachapoyas region in North Peru!
a fallen tree in the middle of a forest filled with green mossy ground and trees
TC Anderson Photos
c1tylight5: Untitled | Eirik Havre
Senja, Norway
Oh Norway lights when will I get the moment to see you with my own eyes ❤️
My LIFE will always Shimmer, Shine & sparkle! #TheGlowUp
Oh My GOD.......Nature Empower.........
Such beauty ⛅
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