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I carry my drink like Youngjae sometimes too

Youngjae that actually how i drink when i dont feel like lifting my arm hahaha

Himchan and Yongguk || this looks like one of the babies did something stupid and Mom is amused while Dad is so not

Dad Yongguk is not amused by something. While Mom Himchan does.

Yongguk - B.A.P

Just let me die. Yongguk - B.

(it's B.A.P!) : Photo

i love rhis boy´s

Natasha Bang (Yongguk's sister) is the rea badass! | allkpop Meme Center OMG I never knew my mind has just been blown>.<

Natasha Bang (Yongguk's sister) is the real badass! when my sister asked me to give her a Korean girl that looks like a mafia boss I gave her this she was like, "this is too much.