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three different pictures of a woman with long blonde hair and wearing a purple shirt, talking to each other
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the young couple is talking to each other about what they're doing on tv
the friends are talking to each other
Ross Geller (@FunRossGeller) / X
two people sitting in chairs with the caption that reads, monica relaxes go get a beer i don't want a beer who said it was for you?
But I don't want a beer - Funny
a man in a suit and tie with the words no one ever asked how i was doing
Happy birthday Matt LeBlanc!
there are many different pictures of the same man and woman in wedding attire, one is holding
Friends Photo: Friends
two people talking to each other in front of a bar with the caption that reads,
the shelves are full of different types of food
You are not an ugly stepsister - FunSubstance
OMG!!! #marvelstudios #marvel #MCU #spiderman #blackpanther #captainmarvel #Blackwidow #shangchi