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several different colored cubes sitting on top of a wooden floor
TetraSeats Furniture Based on Tetris!
If you like Tetris then you are really going to love TetraSeats, it is furniture for your home or workplace but with one big difference, it looks like a giant game of Tetris, the game that took us all by storm in the late 80’s early 90’s. As with the game you can arrange the […]
a red, white and grey object sitting on top of a table
Puzzle furniture multifunctional fun and very smart #furnituredesigns
several chairs and tables are arranged on the floor
’¨Fun Furniture from Zenith | IndesignLive
Fun, modular furniture by UK-based furniture designer Jonathan Coleman
an abstractly designed wall with various shapes and colors on the concrete surface, including blue, green, yellow, and white
Colour Configurations from Alex Lotersztain
an orange couch and two tables in front of a white background with the words new on it
Symbol Modular Seating | Collaborative Furniture | NaughtOne
Feminine This picture portrays feminine line because it curves and flows. Also because it is in a feminine color.
an assortment of shelves with different shapes and colors on the wall, including one shelf
Prisma — Derlot Editions
Prisma was developed to answer the increasing need for adaptable modular furniture in contemporary workplace and hospitality environments. Designed to form an array of combinations suitable in the most diverse environments, the range consists of various armchairs, lounges, ottomans, side tables and a workstation. The armchairs and lounges include extended backrest heights, creating screens for privacy and acoustic control.