Nina Lawrence
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Emma Watson

"In my moments of doubt, I've told myself firmly: If not me, who? If now now, when?" / Emma Watson ~ This girl!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is another great advocate for having feminist ethics and supporting women! She is a great feminist role model because she has such great views and ideas.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence quote on the body image - she talks about how she has a certain affect on young girls and how she won't starve herself for anyone - an inspiration to young girls.


For all those women who say they aren't feminists. Why not? Feminism is about equality. Maya Angelou quotes, feminist quotes, inspiring quotes, women's empowerment, quotes about strong women

Emma Watson

This pin is of Emma Watson who is a valued feminist that delivered a powerful speech on gender equality to the UN.

Zoella and Alfie

OMG Zalfie are super cute. The are like the most perfect couple in the world. I love zalfie xxx