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The dress must not hang on the body but follow its lines. It must accompany its wearer and when a woman smiles the dress must smile with her. ~Madeleine Vionnet

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” —Miuccia Prada

“Perfect simplicity is unconsciously audacious.” ― George Meredith, The Ordeal of Richard Feverel

“A woman only needs one pair of shoes for an outfit. But God, you've got to get it just right.” ― Allan Dare Pearce, Hitler Burns Detroit

“On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock.” ― Thomas Jefferson

“Never use the word “cheap”. Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans — it’s up to you.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

“I wear brown shirts to protect against the combination of coffee and clumsiness.
” ― Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” —Christian Louboutin