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a man with long hair and beard standing in front of a wooden wall holding a sign that says we won't and sirius black was born on the 3rd november 2009
Sirius Black's birthday.
Sirius Black’s birthday. | 19 Extremely Important Things J.K. Rowling Taught Us About Harry Potter
an image of darth vader from star wars with caption that reads, i love that vintage cardigan
The sass... the sass is real... I love it very much. Ohhh yeahhh.
a man and boy dressed up in harry potter costumes on the sidewalk next to each other
Halloween: Los mejores disfraces para padres e hijos - Rubeus Hagrid y Harry Potter
the quote for harry potter is shown in black and white
Watch out future kids!!!
two texts that are being shared to each other on their cell phones, one is reading harry potter and the other is texting
you mad bro?
an image of conductor and their spells
These Harry Potter Jokes Are Charm-Ing And Riddikulus-Ly Funny
Harry Potter and the chamber of music. If Music is magical then you'll understand why these guys look a LOT like conductors...
some people with different facial expressions on their faces and one has a caption that says, weird stuff for potters
Harry Potter Humor ..... Mother of god....... no no no no no no no no no no no no no:
Proud Gryffindor and Ravenclaw! :)
Proud Gryffindor and Ravenclaw! :)
harry potter hogwarts pin set with free hugs on the front and back buttons
Harry Potter House Explained! I love this, I'm definitely either Slytherin or Ravenclaq
an open harry potter propposal book with ring boxes
a man with long hair and a beard holding a toothbrush
Dumbledora the Explorer
Harry Potter meme [*cough* Hetalia *cough*]
an image of the same person with different facial expressions
In Love With This Gif…
In Love With This Gif…