Emmanuelle Latoya Tekori

Emmanuelle Latoya Tekori

JESUS IS THE CENTRE OF IT ALL! My Family Is My Everything <3 I love FOOD <3 I love to play Netball, Volleyball and Soccer.....
Emmanuelle Latoya Tekori
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This will require a lot of hardwork but it's not impossible

I want a 12 pack by this summer! A 8 pack isn't good enough Have you ever wanted to have a hard core make out sesh? cause I want her I be like damn and not to be able to get over it

Bucket List

Know the 7 best romantic Christmas ideas to infuse the festive season with love and romance. Choose your favourite idea for romantic Christmas and make the occasion more special.

[ ] I want to do a bit more than just buy a full meal. There have been times in my life where we have almost been homeless, I know that feeling. On the other hand, I know of someone that told me that they saw a homeless guy on the street with a sign begging for money, and he went and bought the person a meal at a fast food place. But, after he gave it to him and walked away, he saw the guy throw it away in the trash. So, maybe he was not an honest man.

Buy a homeless person a full meal. I did this back in September. It did more for me than it probably did for the gentleman I purchased the meal for. That's the best part of random acts of kindness and giving back.

Carve My Name in a Tree ()

Carve mine and my future husbands name on a tree on our honeymoon. On our ten year anniversary return to see the tree.