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A killer whale (viewed from above) swims amid floating ice in the Ross Sea in January of 2005.

USS Staten Island (AGB-5). Temporarily stalled by pressure ice in the Ross Sea, during Antarctic operations, 9 December 1958. Note Adelie penguins in the foreground. NHHC Photograph Collection, NH 99297.

Camille Seaman, Floating Icebergs in Drift Ice II, Ross Sea, 2006, (from the series, The Last Iceberg Series II). Courtesy: Susan Spiritus

Under the Sea: A Squid Album

The crew of the New Zealand vessel San Aspiring worked to bring aboard the colossal squid they found in the Ross Sea. - Credit: Ministry of Fisheries, New Zealand.

Photo by John B. Weller

Antarctica's Ross Sea

Frozen moment. Winner. Paul was not the only mammal lying patiently in wait on the edge of the Ross Sea, Antarctica, to greet the explosion of emperor penguins. Leopard seals measuring up to three and a half metres long were almost certainly lurking at the edge of the ice ready to grab a meal. Credit: Paul Nicklen (Canada)/ Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012/Paul Nicklen (Canada)/ Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012

In the deep: Antarctica's emperors make photographer's dream come true

1. 'Bubble-jetting emperors', Ross Sea, Antarctica - The Independent