Betta fish types

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a red fish with long, thin tail and large fins is swimming in the dark water
Halfmoon betta fish
an orange and white siamese fish with long tail swimming in the dark water on a black background
betta fish by Kidsada Manchinda / 500px
an orange and white fish in front of a black background with the moon above it
a green betta fish in an aquarium with the words beautiful betta above it
a purple fish that is swimming in some water
an image of different types of fish in the dark water with caption below that reads, glass color guide for dark metalall types
Class Color Guideline Dark Metallic betta fish all types -
the color map for this website shows different colors
Betta genetics: color and form
a map with all the different types of snails on it's sides and names
Betta splendens complex of Thailand -