Samuel Pendreigh

Samuel Pendreigh

Samuel Pendreigh
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great inspiration for what a blog menu could be like carried through the page. Maybe it should fade out to be more translucent or go "behind" content

I like the sense of depth the artist uses for this ToC. It seems like a wall. One thing that confuses me is the information about the indie week at the bottom of the page. it seems like it looses the sense of depth.

Infographic poster with 300 information

My Mom's Kitchen Poster

重庆房地产广告精选的照片 - 微相册

重庆房地产广告精选的照片 - 微相册 I like the texture and the monochrome with hints of colour. And the delicateness of the painting.

A schematic of tintin, Objectif Lune... Illustration by Matt Bondi in Illustration & Painting

Illustration & Painting / A schematic of tintin, Objectif Lune. Illustration by Matt Bondi

原创作品:七索地产篇 鼎元别院

Original works: Seven articles Ding Yuan Cable estate other homes; The soft and calming nature of both the shades of green and blue affect the emotions invoked when the viewer examines this piece