Briar Lakeman
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Wedding ring

The wedding ring goes on the left ring finger because thats the only finger that has a vein that connects to heart fact quote

shoebox and toilet paper rolls

Shoe box + toilet paper tubes (and/or paper towel tube pieces) = storage for pens and other office/art supplies. This website also has additional paper towel/toilet paper tube project ideas.


We should love not fall in love, because everything that falls gets broken - Dude you're so deep i can't even see you anymore

Seriously though.

jeans summer t-shirt sweater shoes tank top clothes ripped jeans hipter beach denim shorts shorts skater matching couples cute cut off short.

Every day.

Funny Confession Ecard: I lose track of how many times a day I'd like to turn to someone and say 'you can't seriously be this freaking stupid!