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a colorful wind chime in the middle of a grassy area with trees behind it
Tie ribbons to a hula hoop and hang from the ceiling of your reading area.
many cell phones are made out of cardboard and have different buttons on each one side
"Joaquin Campllonch?" Not sure who that is, but ROBOTS. OH MY GOODNESS. This would be perfect as a collaborative project with an English teacher, if kids were to read a sci-fi, futuristic book that had robots.
a piece of art that looks like it has been made out of colored strips of paper
Here is what I have going in the studio lately. I've never been into blue, but it's cropping up. I think it's all the Swedish movies ...
a colorful wind chime hanging from the side of a purple wall next to potted plants
hand painted driftwood dream catcher by JunkroomGypsy
DIY Giant Floor Pillows.... I need to invest in a sewing machine! These are awesome! Ikea, Home Décor, Diy Furniture, Pillows, Diy Home Décor, Giant Floor Pillows, Floor Pillows, Kids Playroom, Home Decor
The WHOot
DIY Giant Floor Pillows.... I need to invest in a sewing machine! These are awesome!
a brick wall with a planter on it and the number 2099 written in black
DIY Address Number Wall Planter
DIY Address Wall Planter--I'm making mine a mailbox instead. No plants would survive a Canadian winter.
a handwritten recipe for cooking with blue ink
Are Your Cleaning Products Really "Clean?" - Recipes to Help You Clean
Want to make your own cleaning products out of stuff you already have at home? This list is fabulous and easy to follow!
there are many different toy animals on the table
a person holding several small pictures in their palm
DIY photo magnets
an abstract painting with yellow, gray and white circles on it's side hanging on a wall
Could do in any color to match a room
a jar filled with lavender flowers sitting on top of a table
How to Make Lavender Essential Oil Extract
How to Make Lavender Essential Oil
a white table with pink flowers and silverware
How To Make Napkins - The Sweetest Occasion
DIY No-Sew Cloth Napkins
a couple holding hands in front of two empty soda bottles on a shelf next to a wall
How to Transfer a Photo to Wood
How To Transfer A Photo To Wood!