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a green rug with yellow dots and a pink ball in the center on a white background
Snake Bath Mat — LORIEN STERN
two pieces of art made out of paper with flowers and plants painted on the sides
Three-Dimensional Botanics and Insects Are Sculpted in Elegant Stained Glass by Elena Zaycman — Colossal
a potted plant in a wicker basket hanging from a curtain rod on a window sill
In love with this planter ❤️🌿
a white plate with an image of a radish on the inside of it
what is more important is life itself - saffronsugar: Ceramics by Claudia Rankin
two glass mugs sitting on top of a wooden tray
Handmade Glass Mushroom Toadstool Pumpkin Mugs
a coffee mug with different butterflies on it sitting on a table in front of a window
Urban Outfitters Enamelware Butterfly Mug