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Great chart with comma rules because use is one of the hardest things to grasp. Depending on what level I'm teaching, some of these comma rules may be too advanced.

I Wish My Teacher Knew

Lesson Plans 1 I Wish My Teacher Knew. classroom exercise that went viral, a guide for educators and the community on how to understand children better, build trust, and learn about the challenges the

Teaching With a Mountain View: First Day of School Activities for Big Kids

I LOVE this! First Day of School activity - Students' Job & Teacher's Job--I do this similar activity each year except I do 4 squares. Teacher job is/teacher job is not, student job is/student job is not

A great way to have students turn in their homework.

A great way to have students turn in their homework. I don't have enough wall space, so maybe a binder OR hanging file folder? I'd love to just not do homework.I think I'll call students to line up for recess as I pull out their homework :)

Love this for the first week of school

Free Multiple Intelligence test for kids - includes directions and a short video that explains how to administer it to your students. This looks like an interesting tool for finding and understanding students' strengths.