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jars filled with green beans sitting on top of a table
How to Can Green Beans - One Hundred Dollars a Month
pickled peppers in small glass jars with text overlay that reads how to can pickled peppers hot or mild
Easy Recipe for Pickled Mild or Hot Peppers for Canning
This easy recipe for pickled sweet or hot peppers for canning is a great recipe with very few ingredients and like it says, can be used to pickle sweet or hot peppers, or use a variety of peppers! Enjoy the flavorful pickled peppers all winter long with this pickled pepper simple recipe. It is delicious with any kind of pepper, including jalapeno peppers. Pickled banana peppers are great too! Pickled peppers are awesome in so many recipes, including scrambled eggs, tacos, potato salad, pizza.
two jars filled with pickled onions on top of a table
Pickled Quail Eggs with a Kick - Quick, Yummy and a Family Favorite!
Pickled Quail Eggs with a Kick - Quick and Yummy. A delicious and nutritious snack!
cranberry butter in a glass jar with a spoon
Easy Crock Pot Cranberry Butter
Cranberry butter.This silky, intensely sweet/tart butter is made right in the crock pot! #SlowCookerRecipes
three jars filled with red liquid sitting on top of a wooden table next to autumn leaves
Apple Pepper Jelly Recipe
Apple Pepper Jelly Recipe - Just 2 Sisters
several jars filled with red liquid sitting on top of a wooden table
Strawberry Jalapeno Jam Recipe -
Strawberry Jalapeno Jam--my bff Laura made some yesterday and I now want this every day for the rest of my life.
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the best blackberry jalapeno dipper jelly ever is made with only 3 ingredients
Blackberry Jalapeno Pepper Jelly + Free Printable - Southern Made Simple
Blackberry Jalapeno Pepper Jelly Recipe - a really simple recipe to make the sweetest jelly around - with a hint of heat!
raspberry jalapeno jelly in a jar with crackers on the side
Blue Ribbon Raspberry Jalapeno Jelly
This blue ribbon raspberry jalapeno jelly is a wonderful delicacy to serve with crackers or brush on top of grilled chicken!
a white plate topped with crackers next to a bag of chips and a jar of jelly
Raspberry Jalapeno Jelly
Raspberry Jalapeno Jelly - a coworker shared this, and it is so good! Sweet with a bit of a kick. Update: I halved the recipe and it worked out great.
two jars filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Peach Pepper Jelly Recipe
peach pepper jelly, worked great and I adapted it to raspberry pepper jelly too. Just swapped the peaches for raspberries
a white bowl filled with salsa next to some green peppers and jalapenos
Roasted Salsa Verde
ROASTED SALSA VERDE! Easy to make and suitable for canning or freezing.