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an embroidery project with green and yellow fields
35 Of The Most Beautiful Pieces Of Aerial Embroidery Showing Off British Nature
an abstract white background with squares and rectangles
Seismic- Haikus in paper
This is my first DEBUT SOLO. This show was exhibited at THE LOFT ART LOWER PAREL in Mumbai in Feb 2012.The main idea here is a deconstructed architecture and patterns created as a consequence of seismic activity.Flowing patterns and dynamic blasts chara…
many red, white and blue paper airplanes are arranged in a pattern on the wall
Fine Art - Paper Cut Works | Can I come too? 1
Can I come too? 1
several triangles are arranged in the shape of an abstract pattern on a gray background, with light coming from behind them
Cross Connect Magazine
Florian Geyer is a 27 year old motion designer from Mainz, Germany. He creates his art using Cinema 4d. Find more of his work on Tumblr as dingundding. “These are excerpts of a gif series that I have been working on for some months now. It’s a very minimalistic approach to present some pure, looping motion. The visual constants of the series allows me to concentrate on the content rather than the look of it, which helps a lot when you’re a morbid perfectionist like me. Typically I’d start w...
an abstract metal artwork piece on the wall
2016 Bas-Relief
an abstract piece of white paper with squares and rectangles
| A N O M A L I E N | 2 0 0 9 |
Franz Riedl | Konzentrischer Raum, 2014 | paper relief
many different types of origami are shown in this collage, including one being folded
Origami Spring by Jiekai on DeviantArt
Origami Spring by Jiekai
a large white paper sculpture hanging from a metal hook on a curtained wall behind it
Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay
I can only afford Ikea--but I've learned to love from afar
a man sitting on a chair in front of several different types of lights and boxes
Möbel aus recycelten Eierkartons /
Möbel aus recycelten Eierkartons - #aus #dekoration #Eierkartons #möbel #recycelten
a light fixture made out of folded paper
Lighting | The Independent
Arlo sculptured ceiling shade, £35 This wooden shade has a Scandi - The Independent
twelve silver vases sitting on top of a cement floor
An entry from CANA
blue glass and ceramic? lights
an overhead view of a white ceiling light fixture on a gray wall with no one in it
Esculturas em Papel de Matthew Shlian
Esculturas em Papel - origami - Matthew Shlian