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some type of font and numbers that can be used to describe something or use it
Saturna Font (Ariel Di Lisio)
Saturna Font (Ariel Di Lisio) by HypeForType , via Behance
an alphabet made up of black and white shapes
A Hypnotic Portolio by Patrick Seymour
Anabelypster Font by Patrick Seymour (3)
an abstract set of geometric shapes in orange, blue and green on a white background
Duplex Font Design
Duplex Font Design on Behance
several different types of rocks arranged on a white surface
Stones alfabet (via VIBE - Visual Brand Experience: Alfabet)
an abstract set of geometric shapes
some type of font that has been designed to look like it is made out of squares
some type of font with different shapes
a black and white poster with circles on it
Soundcore Sleep A20: Advanced Noise-Blocking Earbuds for Better Sleep
a set of silver letters and numbers with swirly lines on black background stock photo
Co.Design Archives
some rocks with letters and numbers on them
Guy Collected A Complete Stone Alphabet Over 10 Years
the letter b is made up of hair
Real Human Hair Typography
the letters are cut out of paper and placed on top of each other with holes in them
Dotclear - Error
an advertisement for the berlin design festival
03/21/2014: Beethoven poster project