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a circle of chairs sitting on top of a lush green field
Drama Game: Do You Love Your Neighbor? - Beat by Beat Press
Get to Know You Game: Do You Love Your Neighbor?
icebreakers that rock 3 no - cheese activities that won't embarras students cut of pedagogy
Icebreakers that Rock | Cult of Pedagogy
Perfect for back to school: Three fantastic icebreakers that get kids talking and start building relationships from the first day of school.
the lap game is shown with question marks
An LDS life – inspiration for YW, visiting teaching, home and family
Getting to know you game
a group of people standing around an orange bucket
Great team building activity
children dressed up in costumes standing on a wooden floor
For an anniversary party or wedding perhaps?!
The preschoolers should do this. Halloween Party Ideas
the woman is laughing and making funny faces with her mouth wide open, while she has chocolate cookies in front of her face
Face the Cookie Party Game
Start with an Oreo on your forehead. Without using your hands maneuver the…
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Pinterest Picks: Halloween Parties
Games for halloween party
a plastic bag sitting on top of a white toilet
Christmas Candy Ball Game
What does this have to do with Seminary, you may be asking. This was an…
an orange and green mobile hanging on a wall next to a white wall in the background
Curly Paper Pumpkin Craft
The great thing about construction paper crafts like this one is that it is super easy and cheap to make.
three people in lego costumes standing next to each other
Lego Family Costume - DIY Halloween Costumes
Lego Family DIY Halloween Costume
some oranges with faces drawn on them in plastic containers next to toothbrushes
20 Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas for Kids
Preschool Snack, healthy, fruit cups, cheese sticks, Halloween, Fall
three children playing with pumpkins in the grass
How to Throw a Fun Fall Harvest Party
A Wise Woman Builds Her Home: Fall Celebrations--How to Throw a Harvest Party
a broom and an orange sitting on the floor
Birthday Party Ideas › kids table: game time
race with brooms/small pumpkins - who can sweep their pumpkin to the finish line the fastest