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the meal is prepared and ready to be eaten on the table with utensils
Crispy Corn Fritters with Coconut Flour
These gluten and dairy-free Corn Fritters are an absolute breeze to make and oh so good to eat. Crispy and flavorful, perfect for summer.
a white plate topped with rice and meat covered in gravy next to two spoons
White Lentil Risotto with Mushrooms - My New Roots
someone is holding a plate with crackers and dip
za'atar spiced chickpea crackers w/ maldon sea salt — dolly and oatmeal
Za'atar Spiced Chickpea Crackers
an assortment of vegetables and dips on a platter
The New Crudité Platter
The New Crudite Platter | @Half Baked Harvest
baked brie with blackberry compote, spicy candied pecans and blackberries
Blackberry Compote Spicy Pecan Baked Brie Recipe
Baked Brie with Blackberry Compote and Spicy Candied Pecan
there is a cake that has been sliced and served on the cutting board with a knife
How to make Almond "Cheese" (Fermented & Peppered) Love this recipe. I use it all the time with the almond meal left over from my almond milk!
two cookies sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
Basic Almond Cheese | Lands & Flavors
A 4-ingredient recipe for vegan Basic Almond Cheese that can be enjoyed as is or crumbled on salads, pasta, or pizza.
some food is stacked on top of each other with the words cabbage pancakes above it
Cabbage Pancakes (Okonomiyaki) - Healthy Recipes Blog
Cabbage Pancakes with Spicy Yogurt Soy Dipping Sauce (low-carb interpretation of a classic Japanese dish, okonomiyaki)
a white plate topped with fried food next to chopsticks and a bowl of dipping sauce
Okonomiyaki: Japanese Cabbage Pancakes | Alexandra's Kitchen
Okonomiyaki, Japanese cabbage pancakes, can be made in countless ways: okonomiyaki essentially means prepared as you like. This my favorite version I've made yet, but know that you can add to it as you like with shrimp or chicken, sesame seeds or bonito flakes, other vegetables, etc. I prefer a soy-based dipping sauce to the more traditional mayonnaise-based, and, like the corn fritters, find these as irresistible freshly fried as cold straight from the fridge.
Cauliflower Hash Browns Recipe by Tasty
9 Amazing Cauliflower Carb Swaps
Walnut Chorizo Tacos with Pineapple Salsa
Walnut Chorizo Tacos with Pineapple Salsa! Spicy walnut/cauliflower "meat", fresh guacamole, tangy slaw, and a homemade pineapple salsa. My favorite tacos! #vegan #vegetarian #plantbased #meatless #tacos #dinner #recipe |
Vegan Protein Lentil Pancakes
Protein Pancakes made from lentils. Easy and cheap high protein vegan pancakes made from lentils and sweetened with banana. Free of flour, butter, sugar and very healthy #vegan #healthy #veganrecipe #pancakes #protein
Reason #5,923 To Love Cauliflower: This Low-Carb Cauli Gnocchi
Watch your back, Trader Joe's! #healthyrecipes #cauliflowerrecipes #gnocchi #glutenfree #glutenfreepasta #delish