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a painting of a person sitting on a train
the reflection of power lines and telephone poles in a window
Window Reflections
people walking in the snow with umbrellas on a city street during a winter storm
Stories of the City: A Magnum exhibition on the Paris Metro • Magnum Photos Magnum Photos
a blurry image of a man looking at his cell phone
Art Sponge
two women sitting on a bus looking out the window at night, with lights in the background
tales of affection
two children are looking out the window of a bus on a rainy day in winter
Oddly Calming Photographs Of People On Their Commute
a crowd of people walking down a street next to each other in black and white
Observing the crowd: Bob Collins
a crowd of people walking down a train platform next to a subway station at night
Feature Shoot
two people are walking past a train in black and white
black and white photograph of people walking in an indoor area with clocks on the wall
Embrace the Blur: Go Try Long-Exposure Street Photography
black and white photograph of people in motion
The Cleanest Cut: Remembering Dick Clark - Ivy Style