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a walk in shower sitting inside of a bathroom
Subway Tile Patterns | 12 Subway Tile Pattern Ideas | construction2style
the words kaswell are placed on wood
Mesquite by Kaswell Flooring Systems
Mesquite Endgrain Wood Block flooring by Kaswell not sure this is a very green floor because of the waste
a pair of black shoes sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a person's foot
Cool Design Details at The Room & Board Store Opening
Cool Design Details at The Room & Board Store Opening Washington, DC 6.10.10 | Apartment Therapy
an abstract painting with blue and brown colors on the surface is shown in this image
Privilege - Colourful Ceramic Tiles - Privilage Collection by Mirage
Privilege - Colored porcelain wall tiles | Mirage
a hallway with blue walls and an ornate tile flooring pattern on the side walk
Victorian Hotel | Heritage Tiling & Restoration
Victorian tiles
several pieces of wood sitting on top of each other
beetle kill pine flooring | Promoting USA
an open door on a wooden floor in a room
Another view of the floor - Parquets de Tradition - #42
Beautiful end-grain wood block flooring
four different views of the inside of a building with windows and metal bars on each side
The Great Ideaz
Japanese technique of preserving, antiquing wood
wood flooring that has been made from different types of boards
Stylish Affordable DIY End Grain Block Flooring
When we were hunting for a affordable flooring solutions for the Laboratory, we came across a wood floor we had never seen before in a store in Soho: it wa
the facebook page shows two photos of wooden flooring, and one photo of wood planks
Floor made using end pieces of 2X4s. Would need to grout or caulk -- if grout, might need to use a formula such as poly mix and sawdust and steel wool to clean off excess. Need to use a polyurethane -- might need to redo that periodically.
the wood is brown in color and it looks like they have been cut into squares
Inlay Detail
a white toilet sitting next to a bath tub in a bathroom
Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms - DIY Bathroom
This espresso tile provides great contrast to the light flooring, is classic and easy to care for. Small Bathrooms 12x24 Tile Bathroom Floor More
a wooden box sitting on top of a floor next to a brick wall with the word boden's written on it
End Grain Block Flooring at Cartolina
an empty hallway with wooden doors and brick flooring
Inexpensive Flooring Choices That Actually Look Really Really Good
Renovation Inspiration: Cartolina's DIY End-Grain Block Flooring | Apartment Therapy