Posters that are downloadable for $5

Maori Whakatauki , Maori Proverbs

Posters with Maori Proverbs. Contains 20 posters with Maori proverbs perfect for mainstream or immersion classrooms.

Te reo Maori - Pepeha (Who I am, where I come from)

Te reo Maori - Pepeha (Who I am, where I come from) - get started with improving your cultural competencies!


Manu Tukutuku- Kites

Last year, all of the year five and six students made manu tukutuku to be shown at our annual Calf Club. The idea came from the book ‘Māori Art for Kids’ which you can find here.

Matariki Activities! Celebrate Måori New Year! Print and go activities for New Zealand classrooms! Easy to use materials for teachers for years 1 - 8.

Matariki activities, reading, printables

Matariki activities - REVISED Activities for students for years 1 - 8 in New Zealand Schools during the season of Matariki Maori New Year - Have a look

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