Vanessa Muñoz
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Preschoolers love helping out around the house! This Montessori Inspired window washing activity will teach a real practical life skill & fine motor skills.
Ateliers de manipulation
DIY Montessori practical life and fine motor: braiding using a clipboard. diy-montessori-activities
Flower Arranging Montessori Eat, Love, Play
seperating colours excellent fine motor control activity by greta
Gorgeous. Love the stitched placemat teaching the child where to put the utensils etc. You can translate the page into english top left corner. Eltern vom Mars: Montessori für Einsteiger - Teil 4
Montessori practical life -- food preparation, grinding peppercorn
Scrubbing Potatoes~Michael and I peeled potatoes the other day and then made mashed potatoes. I am so blessed to be able to be home with my kids!
Montessori Practical Life activity - color mixing! Using an eye dropper to transfer primary colors onto a tray. Great way to explore how colors mix together to create different shades of secondary colors. Love seeing the colors swirl together! The damp sponge is there, ready to clean up spills. @wmswms (Westside Montessori School, Vancouver, BC)
Rolling cloth napkins and using a napkin ring. Montessori Practical Life exercise.