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two different types of words that are in the same language, with one being an english and
TAP Tense Action Pronoun Statement Sentences
a red and black poster with the words teachers
Kia kaha, teachers
three books with different words and pictures on the covers, one is an image of a man
Māori Inspirational Quotes & Whakataukī Display Posters
Māori Inspirational Quotes & Whakatauki Display Posters
the words in different languages are shown
a diagram showing the structure of an earth - like structure, including two different types of land
Journal of the Polynesian Society: The Complementarity Of History And Art In Tutamure Meeting-house, Omarumutu Marae, Opotiki, By T. Amoamo, T. Tupene And R. Neich, P 5-38
a poster with many different expressions on it
the words in different languages are shown
Te Ara Reo week 4 [Object Incorporation]