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Kim Han seul (aka Haren)

ArtStation — Study — Japanese Pattern + Sukajan Jumper + Kimono, Kim Han seul (aka Haren) Source by Comments …

Artists Re-Imagine STAR WARS in Some Spectacular Ways | Nerdist

There's no two ways about this next statement: the artists over on CG+ who made things for their "Star Wars: Re-imagined" series are absolute geniuses.


This started as an excersice, trying to make two fusions, using the same 2 pokemons, but with 2 diferent outcomes and this is what I got Line BOREON (Boreal) [HOUNDOUR+SNEASEL] -Dark/Ice -The.

ArtStation - Civil War Fan Art, Jong Hwan

ArtStation - Civil War Fan Art, Jong Hwan - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!