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Balloon Powered Lego Car Craft |

A rainy afternoon and a restless boy is the perfect condition for creating a balloon powered Lego car!

Lego Kit to Make Balloon Powered Car

Lego Balloon Car This toy car, made with Legos and powered by a blown-up balloon, is super simple and fun to make and fun to play with. It is also educational since it uses the principle of rocket propulsion.

Lego Balloon Car Building Activity Lego Race Cars Kit - blow up the balloon and the car takes off

Join your kids for a STEM car race. Here you'll find everything you need to engage your young builders in an educational STEM activity using science, engineering, and LEGO building to create a race car. Start your creative engines!

This Jurassic Park Lego Diorama Combines All Four Movies Into One Massive Display

Now that Lego actually makes official Jurassic World sets, it’s easier than ever to recreate Isla Nublar in brick form. But two amazing fans went one step further and mashed up all four Jurassic movies into a single display set—and it looks fantastic.

Massive 43,000-Piece LEGO Star Destroyer  They should have used the original Star Destroyer design.

Massive LEGO Venator Class Star Destroyer used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. This is also my favorite vehicle from Star Wars!