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We've all heard it "you are what you eat" but have you ever really thought about it? Approx. every 30 days your skin replaces itself. Your liver, about 6 weeks. How are all these new cells made? From the food you eat. What you eat, literally becomes you.You have a CHOICE in what you're made of. Interested in learning how to eat cleanly? I can teach you how. A 5 Day Challenge Group starts Monday and includes meals, recipes and a shopping list. For FREE…

Vegetable Vitality Ads - You are what you eat--or so the saying goes. These International Vegetarian Union ads take this idea literally by using vegetables to recreate a ma.

TUTORIAL 1 - BODY PERCUSSION TRY (Colbie Caillat) - YouTube

Tutorial video of the body percussion patterns that appear in the choreography of the song TRY (Colbie Caillat), created by Santi Serratosa for grade stu.

Nothing beats simple (and cute) crafts, and this ladybug paper craft we’re sharing today certainly is on the easy side. Now, I might not…

Simple Ladybug Paper Craft - Easy Peasy and Fun Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids to Make Should you have a passion for arts and crafts you actually will love this cool info!

Twirling Ladybugs - used as take home project for Preschool Interactive. Ladybug die cut, four ladybugs for each person. They had to get their own string. Works just fine with regular glue and some yarn down the middle. Also used in Messy Art Club with a variety of die cuts to teach symmetry.

You and your kids will love this adorable twirling ladybug project! They spin and twirl and look so cute, all you need is a little breeze. These would be a fun decoration for a birthday party, barbecue or just to dress up your child’sRead

#2 Iván Ferrero Percusion Corporal // Body Percussion - Class (Kids) 30/...

#2 Iván Ferrero Percusion Corporal // Body Percussion - Class (Kids) 30/...

Yarn ornaments                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Christmas crafts for kids: yarn ornaments that are easy to make and fun to give and pack a big dose of fine motor practice! - Crafting By Holiday


How to Make a Christmas Tree Hair Bow Clip. A homemade Christmas-themed hair clip makes a great gift, and it can also be used to decorate Christmas cards and holiday albums. A little bit of ribbon along with a glue gun can make for a fun.