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Plates porcelain gray set by GoldenBiscotti on Etsy

Porcelain Gray Plates from Golden Biscotti. These unglazed plates retain their matte, rough surface.

Wine storage @ Tozi Bar Restaurant, Victoria

Just for looks (use empty bottles, maybe filled with water? Hang shirts/merchandise from it.

by Kirstie van Noort #kirstievannoort

Grey with vintage green.teal is a beautiful accent too. So many colors that work well with grey.

elephant ceramics

When it comes to a trendy dinnerware, It's all about mix and match. Colorful combinations and various plate sizes are absolutely HOT right now (and it's here to stay).

this is not my life forever

Steve Leaning Newton Pottery Blue Jug Height: Width/Diameter: 95 mm Original designed jug finished in semi-matt French blue glaze.

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Cement Ceramics by Studio Twocan. Photo – Elise Wilken, styling – Nat Turnbull for The Design Files. (Note: can cement mix, if mixed properly, be thrown on a pottery wheel?