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Crying is ok. It’s a very healthy and necessary way for children to express their feelings, and we don’t need to make them stop. By telling them to ‘stop crying’ we send the message that their feelings are not important, not valid, silly, and annoying.

Lemon filled sorbet. Rise of the technology disruptors. More than of consumers say it's important for restaurants to integrate technology into their ordering capabilities, according to Technomic.

Lemon and elderflower drizzle cake . { classic lemon drizzle cake . with . an elderflower twist . the Great British Bake Off 2016 . . signaturebake } .

Is your self esteem or confidence low. Start with asking yourself why? Are you self sabotaging your life, hopes & dreams (self doubt & negative self talk). Find ways or support to address these negative emotions.

nice Essential culinary skills everyone should master for classic, everyday meals, an...