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Trust your instincts. Only they will get you through this maze, all your senses will lie to you. They will lead you down the wrong paths, ignore your sense and go with your gut.

people fabricate bullshit to make it seem like what they want it to really be!

You're still deluding yourself, and trying to dupe everyone else. Keep diving deeper into your religious nut fervor, not only is it hysterical, I'll bet its driving your husband to drink MORE, wishing he could have been strong and chosen his path of happiness instead of hopelessness. Keep it up. You're a riot!!

Sweetie, you can't simply sprinkle bullshit with sugar & make it a cupcake.

Time discovers truth | Inspirational #Quotes

This is why the superstitions of religion and the god myth are headed for the history books.People who really think they're going to heaven will never understand.

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