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a room filled with lots of tables and chairs
Childcare - 4 Kids & Whanau Community Centre Glenfield
Childcare - 4 Kids & Whanau Glenfield
there are wicker baskets on the floor in this room with green walls and ceiling
Pipi Whanau (Infant and Toddler classroom)
Kiwi Teacher: Pipi Whanau (Infant and Toddler classroom)
there are bunk beds in this room with no curtains on the walls and two sets of drawers
Modern Nap Furniture | The Village
With over 15 years’ experience behind us, we created The Village with a passion not only for early learning, but for reflecting the sense of belonging and family values instilled in us during our own childhood in New Zealand. As a result, every decision we make comes from the heart. To book a visit, head to kindello! #childcare #nap #auckland #kindello
bunk beds are lined up against the wall in a room with black carpeted flooring
All About Children | Contemporary Toddler Nap Space
All About Children Papakura cater to infants, toddlers and preschoolers with spaces that support the learning and development of every age group. Colourful and warm, the indoors are spacious and welcoming. Head to kindello to find out more about this childcare centre. #childcare #auckland #modern #kindello
a room with bunk beds and a crib next to a baby bed in it
Adventure Kids Silverdale | Modern Infant Sleeping Area
Prior to your child joining us we encourage short pre-visits to assist with the settling in process. You are your child’s first and most important teacher. Parents’ know their children best and how long it will take to settle them into a new environment. Head to kindello now to find out more and book a visit with Adventure Kids. #childcare #adventurekids #kindello
a baby's room with wooden cribs and lights hanging from the ceiling
Boho Inspired Nap Area | Kids Cove
Kids Cove Albany Infants & Toddlers is located in the business district, Orchard Park. Visit to book a visit for you and your child, find out if this childcare centre is the perfect fit for you! #childcare #auckland #kindello
there are bunk beds in the children's room
Modern Nap Area | Fantails Estate
Fantails Estate stands out as leading-edge, modern purpose-built facilities with an environment that match the quality of education and care provided. Head to kindello to find out more and book a visit for you and your family! #modern #childcare #auckland #kindello