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a bird statue sitting on top of a lush green field next to a wooden building
Beautiful outdoor classroom at a Montessori school in New Zealand. So thoughtful and naturally a part of the surroundings.
a train is coming down the tracks in front of a building with grass and plants
New Shoots Children's Centre-Pakuranga NZ
a wooden gazebo sitting on top of a deck next to a fence and trees
Childspace - Early Childhood Learning, ECE Shop & Courses
Sandpits | Childspace
an outside view of a house with grass and trees in the yard, looking out onto the water
Chrysalis Childcare Centre uses existing trees as symbolic centerpieces
Chrysalis Childcare Centre uses existing trees as symbolic cen...
a small white house with a patio and deck
Outdoor Play Area | Adventure Kids Silverdale
Adventure Kids Silverdale is a newly purpose-built, homely-style modern villa. Through our home like country setting, filled with natural open spaces, vegetable gardens and fantastic outdoor opportunities, we strive to provide an environment where our tamariki develop as confident, competent learners who communicate and express themselves as individuals. Find out more and book a visit, head to kindello now! #childcare #adventurekids #auckland #kindello
an outdoor area with grass, rocks and plants in the foreground is covered by shade sails
Playground Design | Modern Natural Resources | Your Place Childcare
Your Place inspires and empowers everyone that walks through its doors. It is a place that feels, smells, sounds, looks and tastes like home. Your Place prides itself on providing an authentic learning environment in which everyone feels safe and secure being themselves. Book a visit for you and your child with Your Place Childcare in Wainui at! #childcare #auckland #kindello
a wooden porch with chairs and a swing set
Outdoor Play Area Design | Creative Garden
Creative Garden is a purpose-built childcare centre located in Otahuhu that provides an environment where children, their parents and whānau feel a sense of belonging. Find out more at and book a visit for you and your child. #childcare #earlylearning #newzealand #kindello
a wooden fence surrounding a small garden area
Neemo Childcare Contemporary Play Area Design
Go to Kindello to book a visit at Neemo Childcare in Hillcrest - an inviting and warm environment where children are respected, valued and nurtured with interesting indoor and outdoor spaces, while making strong connections with nature and supporting them to learn more about sustainable world around them. #contemporary #childcare #play #area #kindello
a playground with a slide in the grass
Let Your Child Explore This Amazing Playground Design
Hand and Hand Hobsonville branch is a beautiful, natural and purpose-built Early Learning Centre that offers bright, airy spaces filled with quality equipment and resources to support your child’s learning. Visit Kindello to book your visit today! #childcare #playground #kindello
the building has two large windows on each side, and is made out of wood
Modern Childcare - Fantails
Brand new childcare centre on Dairy Flat Highway, Fantails Estate stands out as leading-edge, modern purpose-built facility with an environment that match the quality of education and care provided. #modern #childcare #kindello
a wooden walkway leading to a red and white tent
Bumblebees Childcare Play Area
A stimulating and loving learning environment for children aged 3 months to 5 years. We focus on the importance of our relationships with our children and their whānau. We create an ambiance of love, care and respect through getting to know our children and their families very well. Book your visit with Kindello today #childcare #playground #daycare #kindello
an outdoor play area in the middle of a grassy area with trees and grass on both sides
Beautiful Natural Playground Design
New Shoots Hillcrest is an amazing place for your children to learn with a beautifully curated modern outdoor spaces using natural resources from New Zealand. Visit Kindello to begin your child's journey with childcare!
Brand new purpose-built childcare centre in Greenhithe. Amazing indoor and outdoor spaces for your kids to explore. Designed with modern and natural resources #natural #modern #childcare Modern Playground, Enjoyment
Modern Playground New Shoots Greenhithe
Brand new purpose-built childcare centre in Greenhithe. Amazing indoor and outdoor spaces for your kids to explore. Designed with modern and natural resources #natural #modern #childcare
a bird house in the middle of a garden with trees and other things around it
Outdoor Play Area Adventure Kids
Modern centre nestled in the heart of Silverdale with a beautiful outdoor space made of natural resources for you children to play and learn about the world around them. Visit Kindello now to book your child in for a visit! #childcare #modern #natural #playground